You know this boy from the film The Fault In Our Stars, and now he’s back starring in one of the most anticipated films of the summer, Paper Towns. Heartthrob Nat Wolff is killing it these days, and we have no doubt he’s going to go from teen crush to world superstar. Now all we want to know is: what was it like working with Cara Delevingne, and what shouldn’t we do on a date with him? Keep reading to find out!

1. Nat started becoming famous when he and his brother starred and composed music for the Nickelodeon musical comedy series The Naked Brothers Band for which he won two teen choice awards. We know he’s our choice!

2. After September 11 happened, Nat had his birthday party outside his apartment and performed his composition titled “Firefighters.” The benefit raised over $46,000 which was donated to the children of New York City Fire Department’s Squad 18.

3. He says of Paper Towns co-star Cara Delevingne, “People think, ‘She’s so hot and so rich — how can she be talented?’ She’s not an airhead model. She is so talented.” During the casting, Nat saw her and said she was the only one who made him feel nervous because she’s such a spontaneous actress.

4. Nat said during the filming of Paper Towns the cast got so close. The boys had 3 separate apartments but every night they all slept in one of them. He said ” It was so dorky. We liked each other. We all became so close that we became each other’s worlds. Everybody says on every movie that they ‘became a family,’ and it’s bullsh*t 95 percent of the time. But we became a family.”

5. During the filming of Palo Alto, Fred slept next to fellow actor Jack Kilmer in the movie directors mom’s garage. Nat said, “We lived in Gia’s mom’s garage. In the actual garage. We slept on twin beds next to each other.”

6. His number one dating deal breaker: A girl who doesn’t laugh.

Nat photobombing Cara Delevingne

Nat photobombing Cara Delevingne

7. James Franco wrote the book Palo Alto was based off of his teenage experiences. After starring in the movie Nat got to know Franco, and said “Yes, we ended up becoming good friends, actually. I really think he is a genius. He is a true artist.”

8. It’s no wonder the boys are so talented. The Naked Brothers Band was created and produced by his actress mother Polly Draper, and his father co-produced two of his sons soundtrack albums. Clearly talent runs in the family!

9. To prepare for his role as Isaac, a visually impaired teen in The Fault In Our Stars, he went to meet some people to learn more about their experiences with blindness. Nat said, “I met with a guy named Ethan who really helped me out. He was 19 when he went blind and he got dumped by his girlfriend, like my character. He had a lot of rage but he was really funny, and I thought, Oh my god, this is perfect for the character. And so I made sure in the movie, I was like, I don’t want Isaac to be the joke. I want him to be funny. He’s got an edge.”

10. On being weird: “I just tend to do things in an odd way, and it’s something that, when I was younger, used to make me feel bad about myself. And as I’ve gotten older, it’s been, I think, one of the reasons why I’m a good actor — because I’m weird.”

Can’t wait to see Nat? Check him out in Paper Towns, coming to theatres on July 24.