Our new intern Jennifer is all about summer and bucket lists. We got her to write out her top 30 and challenge us with who can cross them all out first. The challenge is also yours.

What are summers for if not for a bucket list? Every year, when school is out, my besties and I huddle into bed with a notepad and a pen and write out everything we want to do during our summer break. Normally it’s a game – who can cross out the most things. Now it’s about living in the moment. Sometimes new things get added to the list and other things are just not as fun as we thought.

1. Go to a concert
2. Go to a festival
3. Go to a country fair
5. Go camping
6. Go to the beach
7. Sleep under the stars
8. Watch the sunrise
9. Watch the sunset
10. Get a tan
11. Slumber party
12. Go to a pool party
13. BBQ party
14. Picnic in the park
15. Movie in the park
16. Gilmore Girl marathon
17. Find a four leaf clover
18. Be an intern
19. Read a book
20. Make popsicles
21. Tie-dye something
22. Dance in the rain
23. Bike ride with the besties
24. Get healthy (or at least try!)
25. Try a new food
26. Try a new hair cut
27. Learn to play guitar
28. Perfect the cat eye
29. Scare my BFF (Ellen style)
30. ______________

Notice how #30 is empty? Let us know what you think it should be! What’s on your bucket list?

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