This is the first post in our 3-part series on money management.

Making money might seem obvious but the best way to get and keep getting the things you want is to start making more money! This doesn’t have to mean having a boring summer – there are tons of fun summer jobs out there! Check out these cool ways to make more dough.

make it rain money

Make money off your clothes

Before you panic about having to say goodbye to your beloved clothing hear me out: selling your old clothes means more money for new ones! Woohoo!

1. SnobSwap is cool because you have the option between selling your clothes or trading them for new ones.

2. Don’t have time to deal with all your spring cleaning? Try Thredup. You’ll make a smaller cut but they deal with all the details.

Get paid for your fashion opinion

Brands will pay you some major dollars to give your opinion on their products through focus groups and surveys.

Go from student to teacher

A lot of parents are going to want their kids to brush up on their academic skills over the summer. Why not teach younger kids what you’ve learned to make some extra cash? Check out Wyzant to get linked with students looking for your services.

Get a job on campus

Just because you don’t have classes doesn’t mean the school has closed. There are often a lot of job openings on campus in the summer when other people are going home. Working on campus is fun because you get to meet new people in your community.

Get a fun summer job

If you don’t want to be stuck to a schedule, try out something more flexible like dog walking or babysitting. If you love fashion try getting a job at a retail store and capitalize on those employee discounts. Check out the Garage opportunities available this summer and maybe you could even join our team!

Jumpstart your career

Interning is a great way to test out jobs you might want to make your career one day. And some internships will even pay!

Kate was our Garage intern last summer but we forced her to stick around so she could keep entertaining us from her NYC flat. You can check out all of her posts in our Says the Intern feature.