The idea of getting a tattoo might be scary. And getting a face tattoo is definitely totally terrifying. But just because you want one now doesn’t mean you have to commit forever – that’s why the temporary tattoo was invented! Metallic tats are a major music festival beauty trend this season. Here are three ways to rock the tattoo trend with makeup looks to maximize your style.


How To: Wear Tattoos and Strong Makeup

Love elaborate makeup? Put your tattoos across your hands and emphasize them with dark nail polish. Dark purple or black nails are ideal for this as they will contrast with the tattoos and draw attention to your hands. Deep lipstick will complete the look. Since you’ve already gone hard with the lipstick, nails and tattoos, make sure you don’t go overboard with bronzers and eyeshadow. Go for a light champagne colored shimmer over your eyes and natural coloured blush.


How To: Rock the Neck Tattoo

The neck tattoo can definitely be a hit or a miss, but here is how to make it look good every single time. Pick one bigger tattoo, like this one of the elephant, and place it off centre on your better side. Balance it out by adding a smaller tattoo somewhere below your eye on your cheek so it doesn’t look out of place. Then go for classic makeup like a thin cat eye with lip gloss. Coral nail polish is bright for summer but not so bright that it takes away from the main event aka your awesome tats.


How To: Rock the Eye Tattoo

If you’re going to go for temporary tattoos, you might as well go all the way and own the eye tattoo look. Keep the shapes around your eyes somewhat symmetrical so everything looks intentional. Go for earthy tones in your makeup to maximize the boho chic look. Blue eye shadow will make your eyes pop out even more. Natural lips with a touch of pink gloss and mint green nail polish are subtle but a must.