Charli XCX is the epitome of the cool grunge London girl. Her style is always consistent and dead on trend. We love how she mixes a little DIY in her style every now and again because it a) looks awesome and b) makes it easier for us to steal her style. Check out these Charli XCX inspired trends and dare to be as bold as this girl.

The Necklace:

This choker is DIY to the max. We’re not sure if this is a piece Charli XCX bought or if she really did just decide to wrap a piece of string around her neck, but it’s a look we’re definitely going to steal.


The Floral Skirts:

Printed skirts are 100% Charli XCX. She is often photographed wearing plaid and floral printed skirts. Very rock n’ roll.


The Graphic Tees:

We’ve always LOVED graphic tee’s but this girl makes them all her own by adding her own DIY touches. Rock the shirt as is or go full out DIY by chopping off the bottom.


The Crop Tops:

Maybe Charli XCX tailors her shirts herself because she literally cannot get enough crop top in her life. If we had to choose, we’d say the crop top is her signature look and we are totally going to steal it and make it our own.


The Lips + Eyes:

Her make up is always consistent. Between the red lipstick and the eyeliner we’d describe it as London girl grunge. Check out this interview for Charli’s beauty tips.


The Hair:

We love a girl who can rock her natural hair. Charli says she has naturally super curly hair and just sleeps on it to make it look that awesome. We wish we could wake up looking like that, but with a little help from a hair curler and some hair oil we know we can recreate that curly dirty/glossy look.