First things first: The only shorts you should be wearing are ones that make you feel awesome. And only YOU know which pair suits you best. But finding your fave pair of shorts can be even more complicated than finding that perfect pair of jeans so we’re here to help you out. Here are some tips on choosing the best shorts for your shape.

For Shorter Girls

This girl knows how to rock her petite frame. Go for something high waisted to elongate your legs. And don’t be shy about wearing your shorts short like Ariana does here.

Ariana Grande - Denim Shorts

For Girls With Curves

Don’t be shy: you’ve got curves and you’re ready to rock them all summer long! High waisted shorts are your best friend and if they’re rolled up at the bottom, even better. This pic of Queen-B says it all.

Beyoncé in Denim Shorts

For the Tall, Thin Types

Athletic build and legs for days? Take a cue from T-Swift and rock shorts that sit just below your belly button and have a rolled up bottom. Similar to our favorite shorts, the cut will flatter your lean physique and give you a classy cool girl vibe.

Taylor Swift in Denim Shorts

Boyish Figure

Have a boyish figure like Emma Stone? Take a cue from her go-to shorts style and get a pair of girlfriend shorts; they were made just for you. They’ll sit low on your hips to balance out your frame while showing off your lean legs.

Emma Stone in Denim Shorts

For the Hourglass Body

You’re a classic hourglass shape and should definitely go for high waisted shorts to flaunt your fabulous figure. Bonus points for choosing distressed denim, like Kylie’s ripped shorts here.

Kylie Jenner in Denim Shorts

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