Warm weather makes us want refreshing drinks and more coffee than usual. Iced coffee, that is. Here is your guide to summer drink hacks, whether you’re at Starbucks, trying out a new hipster coffee shop or just chilling at home.

Hack Your Starbucks Order

1) Request “light” ice and get the amount of drink doubled.

2) Save money by going halfsies with your BFF – tall is half the size of a venti, just ask for two cups.

3) Ask for no water with your iced tea. This means the barista won’t water down your drink and you’ll have twice the flavor.

4) Bored of the menu? Check out The Starbucks Secret Menu and get any frappuccino you could possibly dream of including bubble gum. Yes. Please.

5) Summer challenge: Try all of the syrups in your iced coffee and tell us which is your fave.


How to Let Your Inner Hipster Loose

1) Bring your laptop and pretend to write poetry or your first short novel, but really just surf Facebook and read the Garage blog, because that’s so much more fun.

2) Bring your parent’s old film camera and leave it on the table next to you. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to use it, just think of it as more of an accessory.

3) Order an iced Americano and drink it black.

4) While you’re at it, wear black. All black.

5) Try to look bored and disinterested in everything around you. That’s the key to the true hipster look.


Your Chilling-At-Home Guide

1) Make rad iced coffee.

2) Why break the bank when you could make frappuccinos at home? This will only cost you 32 cents!

3) Homemade lemonade is the bomb.

4) Summer is smoothie season. Try this for a healthy and yummy breakfast.

5) Reuse your old coffee grounds by mixing them with olive oil and creating a coffee body scrub. Hello soft summer skin!