“well kids, sometimes in life we have a week or three where people can’t tell us we’re wrong when we just want our outsides to match our insides and maybe we’re a little weird inside so we boil sugar free grape kool-aid and stick our head in it and die our hair lavender and that, evidently, is the fun in being twenty one according to the small book of debby.”

Debby Ryan couldn’t have said it better. Pastel hair isn’t just for Tumblr famous girls anymore. You can get the look and add an effortlessly badass flair to your summer style, but daring to mess with your perfect locks can be a little bit scary. Don’t worry, we won’t let you mess it up. Here is everything you need to know about pastel hair from the dying process to choosing the right shade. PS. This look will put you on the automatic cool list at every music festival you go to this summer!

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The trick to achieving a true pastel color is to start from a snow white base color, past the yellow stage of blond. We recommend you go to a haircare pro for this step, but if you’re feeling adventurous and know your hair care inside out then keep reading because you could try this at home.

Lets go over the basics. If you want to bleach your hair yourself, you’re going to need:

1) Bleach
2) Developer
3) Toner
4) Gloves
5) Mixing bowl and a brush
6) Hair dye!
7) White conditioner

You can often buy bleach with toner and choose the level of toner you want, from about 10-40 normally. If you get too low a number your hair might not become light enough, and if you go too high you will cause unnecessary damage to your hair. The general toner rules are:

For light hair: Use 10
For medium hair: Generally 20 is ok
For very dark or course hair: Go for 30 or 40
And if you hair is already damaged, don’t go higher than 10, you don’t want your hair to break to pieces.

Avoid insane roots. The hair closest to your head will get lighter faster due to your body heat which will make the roots way lighter than the rest of your hair when you dye it. Avoid this by using 10 developer on your roots and stronger developer on the rest of your hair, or by dying your roots a bit darker than the end bits.

Toner is crucial to getting to that icy white color we need to work with as a base. Toners contain the opposite colors of the color you want to get out of your hair. So if you have unwanted golds, go for blue and violet. If you have unwanted red, get a blue and green based toner.

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Choose the right dye. We personally love Manic Panic, but don’t put it all directly in your hair otherwise you might look like a stick of bubblegum, or Katy Perry. Manic Panic makes a “pastelizer” that lets you mix in with any of their colours to make them appear softer on your hair. Alternately you can mix the dye with conditioner and soften the color that way. Use about 1/3 cup of white conditioner per 1 teaspoon of colour. This keeps it looking as pastel as possible.


– If you go for red, know it’s the hardest color to remove if you have a change of heart. Generally reds, pinks, oranges and some purples will fade slower than cooler colors like green or blue.

– If you want to go blue, make sure you get all the yellow and gold out of your hair before applying the blue dye or your hair will turn out green.

– Here’s a top secret old school trick: Semi-permanent dyes typically fade each time you shampoo, so to make the colour last longer seal it in by ringing with equal parts vinegar and water.

– To make your dye job last longer put a little dye in your conditioner so it keeps the shade fresh. Also try washing it in cold water, this helps the hair hold onto the dye.

– Color turned out brighter than you wanted? Don’t worry, after a few washes it’ll fade and have more pastel vibes.

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You totally want Hilary Duff’s new do but will it look good on you? The trick to choosing the perfect pastel shade lies in matching your hair color with your skin tone. Most people fall into either the cool skin tone or the warm skin tone category. To figure out which tone you are, hold your wrists out and look at them under direct sunlight. If your veins look green in color, you’re warm toned, and if they look blue in color you have a cool skin tone. Cool tones look best with warm hair tones like orange, pink, or peach. Warm skin tones are better with cool hair tones like blue, purple or green. Eyes also play a big part, try putting different colored eye liner on to figure out what colors make your eyes pop. Then use these colors to frame your face.

  • Kennedi Clark

    So I really want to have my hair a pastel blue color, but I dont know how it will look on me. My veins are blue, and pretty obvious as im a relatively pale person. I have yellow undertones, i think, but all this color, skin matching stuff is slightly intimidating to me.
    So, this is me, what color do you think would be best?
    And sorry about the weird face im making, this picture is just best for showing what my hair is naturally like https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/896ab94f9b7c2e4e61ccf99f1e309a6a98fab589890ad6bf2375c291487ba9a0.jpg