It’s the end of a long weekend and you know what that means: we need some much needed chilling out. For those of us who are travelling it might also mean running through the airport yelling “HOLD THE PLANE” with fake-crying-mode in full effect. So my first piece of advice to you is leave enough time to catch your flight. I recently learned this lesson and almost lost a shoe (oh, the horror). My second piece of advice is you should do some holiday baking this break. Here are three super cute holiday recipes that aren’t that hard to pull off. Post your creations on Instagram and tag us!


Rice Crispy Treats Step It Up a Notch
Rice crispy treats aren’t just for kids anymore and the pastel color of these sweets make them the real deal. You know the Peeps penguin marshmallows you see at the pharmacy? Well don’t get too attached to those little marshmallow faces, by melting them up you can make colored rice crispy treats. And don’t worry if you can’t find Peeps, you can just melt regular white marshmallows and add a dash of food coloring. The best part of this recipe? No oven required.


Not Your Average Popcorn
A girl can never have too many marshmallows in her life. This popcorn is the bomb and the marshmallow chocolaty topping makes it the best of the best. The recipe calls for Wilton Candy Melts but if you can’t find this go for white chocolate and food coloring. This recipe is going to take you less than 10 minutes but it’s cute colors and decadent flavour will have everyone raving about it. That is if you don’t eat it all first!


Oreo Truffles
How is this a thing we haven’t eaten before? YUM! Oreos: check. Ice cream: check. Chocolate: check. Oh baby, that’s pretty much all we need in life. Making truffles sounds super fancy (aka hard) but don’t worry this recipe is 100% do-able. Now the only question is how to decorate them!