Usually we heart these celebs styles, but OMG they took these festival fashion trends way too far last year. Check out these questionable outfits and learn how you can avoid making the same mistakes.

When crochet turns into your grandma’s curtain
Katy Pery somehow ended up dropping into Coachella looking like she’s dressed in a dining room curtain circa 1950. Crochet is all the rage at music festivals but a girl has got to know where to stop.


When it looks like your top was just eaten by a lion
Crop tops are so cute but what happened to Emma Roberts here? Between the color, the fringe and the itty bitty size, this top just looks like it got shredded to pieces by a wild animal. And ummm Emma: do up your pants.


When that lion was super hungry and also ate Alessandra’s top
The fringe thing is super cool but there is a fine line and Alessandra just overstepped it. She’s actually so far past she can’t even see the line anymore. What is going on here, it looks like she’s wearing a shredded garbage bag.


When you look like asthma’s worst nightmare
The flower headbands have been a festival staple since the beginning of time but just take a look at AnnaSophia Rob for proof that it’s possible to over-flower. If you’re going to rock a flowered headband, go for more minimalist jewellery and sunglasses so you look like a Flower Queen and not allergy season.


When you forgot your pants
Ok so these girls aren’t celebrities but we couldn’t resist including this photo because of the stark contrast between not wearing any pants and the fall ankle boots. You can underdress to impress at festivals but keep it classy by wearing a bikini top over some short shorts for a chill summer vibe.


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