Are you feeling sort of bored of your look? Who isn’t. Want to be a little bit more of a rockstar? Who doesn’t. Take a cue from these super cool celebs who are rocking 5 hot trends that are easy to incorporate into your style, giving you a new edge. Having a ‘cool factor’ with minimal effort = awesome!

Cara Delevingne: Eye Liner

Tired of everything in your closet and want to look just a little more badass? Swipe on some dramatic eye liner to instantly jazz up your outfit. This is super on trend right now so don’t be afraid to experiment. Cara’s look might take you a few hours to figure out (hey who doesn’t like playing with make up in front of the mirror!) but if you’re in a rush just follow these tips: swipe black liner across your upper lids, line your bottom inner lid with white, and then add a bit more white to the inner corners of your eyes. The white will brighten your eyes so they stand out more while the black will give you a classic edgy look.


Kendall Jenner: Braids

Who said braids were just for school girls? Kendall Jenner rocks the latest hair trend: cornrows. This old school look has made a major comeback. Your whole head might be a little intense (but if you’re THAT bold then all the power to you girl!). Either way you can’t go wrong with experimenting with a little patch of your head like Kendall did here.


Pia Mia: Ripped Denim

Unless you’re going to a snooze-worthy party ripped denim is never a bad idea. Whether you’re going with shorts or jeans, we recommend you pair them with neutral colored tops (think white, black or grey) for a classic rockstar look. Ripped denim and plaid shirts are BFFs so tie one around your waist to complete this look.


Lana Del Rey: Tattoos

Ok we’re not seriously saying to run out and get a tattoo, but who says tattoos need to be real to be cool? Temporary tattoos can be a lot of fun and can add an edge to any look. Lana Del Rey is the classiest lady around and her little tattoos add a bit of bite into her sweet and innocent aura. And if they’re not permanent, you can be as bold as you want. Just maybe not in the middle of your forehead?


Sofia Richie: Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a staple in any celeb wardrobe. Sometimes it’s not even sunny but the girls wear them anyways because they know it makes them look fly. This is an easy accessory to add to any outfit for a little bit of a mysterious touch. Plus it’ll make you feel like spring is FINALLY on its way.


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