We LOVE fashion, but there are some fashion week moments that leave us being like W-T-F! In honour of the upcoming fashion week, here are some of the weirdest moments from last season. From Miley Cyrus making her big debut as a fashion designer to weird male model moments, you’re sure to LOL. Fashion week starts next week and if it’s anything like last year, we’re sure to see some great style but also some things we’d rather pretend never happened.

Hannah Montana Becomes (attempted) Fashion guru
Miley Cyrus made her big debut. Some people were in awe at how multi-talented she is. Others were confused. And some mourned the sweet girl that used to be known as Hannah Montana.


Kardashian Becomes Supermodel
Last fashion week put the Kardashian little sis on the map. Kendall Jenner hit it big, booking major shows such as Dolce & Gabbana and Marc Jacobs. She’s now a full blown supermodel, but let’s take a look back at this unfortunate number she wore down the runway last season. So many questions: Is it a bikini? Is it a futuristic outfit ready for global warming? Who is responsible for the boots? Oh man, those boots…


Model Becomes… Alien?
And the boys. Oh, the boys. You would think we would be swooning over male models on the regular but whoever dressed them in these outfits CLEARLY hates teenage girls. This “piece” (can we even call it an outfit?) was from Thom Browne Spring 2015. You call this fashion, but we just want to know: is he cute when he’s not wearing that mistake?


Coffee Addicted Artist Becomes Male Model?
The answer is yes. Yes he is holding an ice coffee in his hands. But don’t let that distract you from the high heels. The skirt. The socks. And then go right back to the iced coffee because it really does deserve another moment of your time. This kid is named Dustin Yellin. He’s a contemporary artist who lives in Brooklyn and apparently spends his spare time walking for Misha Nonoo and drinking iced coffee. Soooo after this episode maybe he should just stick to art?


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