Spending a lot of time in your room lately? Yeah, us too. We’re getting cabin fever over here because of the cold and we’re getting really sick of our surroundings. So you know what that means, right? It’s time to bling out your room! And don’t worry, you don’t have to break the bank because these are quick fixes you can do on the cheap that will make you fall back in love with cozying on up in your warm winter haven. And yeah we know it might not be cold everywhere (what’s up California, kind of hating you right now) but in honour of Boston literally having too much snow, here are the top three ways to make your room cozy and still cool.

Add a splash of colour to your life: Landlords are probably going to hate you (or charge you) if you paint the walls, and forget about dorm rooms. But don’t think you’re stuck with hospital white walls forever. Decorate your walls with paint chips (free at most hardware stores) or a colourful tapestry for an instant pop of colour. And who said posters are just for moody teenagers? If you get them all in the same colour scheme and arrange them properly, you’ll have a très chic wall display. And check out the picture up top: all of those frames are made with colourful washi tape. Inexpensive, fast, and fashionable = decorating awesomeness.


The Hipster Fort: These aren’t just for kids anymore. Maybe you want to go the princess/ballerina route and get drapy sheer white fabric, or maybe you want to pull out your inner hippy and drape colourful fabrics over your bed. If you feel like taking it to the next level, get some Christmas lights and intertwine them with the fabric for a soft glow. Trick: if you can’t install proper hooks on your ceiling, get light-weight fabric and thumb tacks will do the trick just fine.


Two trends in one: Two words: cactus and mason jars. People will walk into your home and instantly know that you are one of the cool kids. I’m not really sure how these two relatively useless items reached the same cool status as the Beatles in the 60s but hey, might as well jump on board. You can get mason jars at any hardware store or just get a jar of soup and throw it in the dishwasher when you’re done (and then it’s free). Cacti are available at plant stores (obviously) or you can get them at most local grocery stores/whole foods for $10 max. Set up a little cacti habitat, hang them from your ceiling, put them on the edge of your toilet, bath etc. Just make sure you can see them and bask in their coolness.