The Grammys are a blast to watch. Between the fabulous outfits, rooting for our fave star and betting who will win each award, they’re always entertaining. But then there are all those other moments, like when someone gets on stage and when they’re not supposed to, or forgets half their dress, or does some sort of wild performance that leaves everyone entertained but also thoroughly confused. We never really remember who wins what awards, but these are moments you won’t want to forget:

Forgot Falf My Dress: Jennifer Lopez
The real story behind this dress is J-Lo spilled tomato sauce on her slip right before she had to walk onstage and hoped no one would notice if she just took the whole slip off. I’m totally kidding but come on, it would make more sense than willingly walking out of the house like this, right? What do you think?

For the Children: Wu-Tang
This one is an oldie but a goodie. After losing to Puff Daddy for the hip-hop album of the year ODB got on stage during an acceptance speech for a category he wasn’t even nominated in to make sure everyone acknowledged his clans awesomeness. He said that Wu-Tang is “for the children,” and I hate to say it but these days the children probably ask: what’s a Wu-Tang?


9 Months Pregnant: MIA
Yes, you read that right, MIA performed with Kanye West on her supposed due date. That baby must be hardcore now. I mean seriously what were doing the day you were born? Probably just lying around doing nothing, meanwhile this kid was onstage at the Grammys next to Kanye West.

Exorcism: Nicki Minaj

Sometimes celebrities do things during a show and all we can think is, “how did that even come up?” As in, what was the conversation between Nicki and her art director that lead to this performance?
Nicki: I want to be strapped down while singing in front of a million people.
Art Director: But it only makes sense artistically if you have dancing priests around you.
Also, this GIF is awkward, because doesn’t everyone already know that Beyoncé is the Queen?


Born This Way: Lady Gaga
Nothing really surprises us anymore when it’s coming from Lady Gaga. Each stunt is more wild than the next, from dresses made out of meat to this “egg like sculpture”. At least now we know how creatures from her planet are born, apparently in giant eggs being carried by nearly naked people wearing too much white powder on their faces?