Valentine’s Day is awesome because chocolate BUT it’s also stressful because you’re supposed to have a boyfriend to buy you flowers. But what if you don’t have a boyfriend and what boy even thinks of getting girls flowers these days?! A boy once bought me socks – that was about as close as I ever got (in his defence I do get cold). This Valentine’s Day let’s forget about the sock-gifting-morons and focus on the people we know we will love forever: our BFF’s. Plus, they’re way more fun to buy for anyway!


Fashionable and Tasty = Awesome
Can you say YUM!? These pretzels are hella cute and super easy to make. All you need is some white chocolate chips, sprinkles, red food colouring and of course pretzels. Melt the chocolate chips in the microwave, mix in a couple drops of food colouring to turn the chocolate pink, and then dip in the pretzels. Before the chocolate dries, roll them gently on the sprinkles for a true Valentine’s Day themed look. The more variety of sprinkles you can get, the more festive this treat will be. If you want to give them as gifts, wrap in tissue paper and a ribbon. That is, if you don’t eat them all first!


Gift for Her or for You?
This is one of those gifts you’re going to buy for someone else and then as soon as it arrives in the mail, you know you have to try it on juuuust to test it out. But then you know you’ll just end up keeping it because you JUST REALIZED you NEED another dress EXACTLY like this in your wardrobe. It’s ok, we won’t tell!

Mason Jar Candle Holder

Cutie Candle Holder
This one takes a little longer to make, so either your inner Martha Stewart is ready to make her debut or else bring the supplies to your BFF’s house to make these adorable candle holders with her. All you need is two mason jars, heart shaped stickers, pink spray paint and clear spray paint, and a ribbon if you want to dress it up a bit. Place the stickers on the jar and spray the pink paint over the whole thing. Wait for it to dry. Then carefully remove the stickers, trying not to remove any paint along with it. Now spray the whole thing with clear spray paint for a nice finish, tie with a ribbon and voila! And of course, don’t forget to add a candle!


Grown Up Friendship Bracelets
It’s kind of corny to wear matching t-shirts with your friend group, but having clothing pieces representing your unbreakable bond with your girlfriends is still pretty fun. So why not get matching panties? This gift is sure to make them laugh when you give it to them and no one will even know when you’re all wearing them. And now you can get 3 for $28, so it’s basically a match made in BFF-gifting-heaven. (That’s totally a thing btw).

Valentine's Day Fruit Art

The Last Minute Fruit Plan
We’ve all been there. You have plans with your best friend and just as you’re running out the door to go meet her she texts you “OMG can’t wait to give you your gift!” and you’re like “Oh no,” because you didn’t get her anything. Grab a sharpie and some fruit (and no I’m not kidding), write some cute puns on there with some hearts, and know that at least you’ll make them laugh! And the memories you create are more important than the actual gift, right?

Kate was our Garage intern last summer but we forced her to stick around so she could keep entertaining us from her NYC flat. You can check out all of her posts in our Says the Intern feature.