What goes on behind the photo shoots, the runway shows and the glam of being a top model? Here’s an inside look into the lives of trending models Emily Didonato, Suki Waterhouse, Malaika Firth, Lui Wen, Gigi Hadid and Sophie Touchet through their Instagram accounts.

Emily Didanato

Nicknames: WooWoo, Emmy-Woo, Little Woo
Birthday: February 24, 1991 (age 23)
Born in: New York, USA
Tips for perfect skin: Always moisturize and drink plenty of water. One of the tricks she learned from Maybelline’s make up artist is to curl your lashes with a spoon. “It really works!”

Biggest fear: She’s terrified of needles, saying “I pass out nearly everytime I get a shot. I bring my mom to the doctors when I can!”
Favorite food: “My favourite food is pizza. The only food I really hate is peppers!”
Also awesome because: She played on an all-boys hockey team for years.

Suki Waterhouse

Real name: Alice
Birthday: January 5, 1992 (age 22)
Dating: Bradley Cooper. OMG hottest couple ever. They would have angel babies.
Home life: In London she still lives with her parents. When doing auditions in LA, she often lives with Bradley Cooper’s mom.
First celebrity crush: Britney Spears. Sorry Bradley!
She’s multitalented: She’s not only a model, she’s also an actress and a fashion designer.

She was discovered: When she was 16 years old, but her parents “weren’t too impressed,” so she finished school and didn’t sign with an agency until she was 18.
As a kid: She was really good at Karate, saying she was “competing against boys who would kick me in the boobs. It was good and taught me a lot of discipline. But I stopped when I got disqualified once for hitting a girl in the nose and knocking her unconscious. It was an accident but it was horrible. I was traumatised.”
Fun fact: She got to hug Michelle Obama!

Malaika Firth

Born in: Kenya, and moved to London when she was 7 years old.
Insane career moments: Her first shoot was the Burburry lookbook, and then she booked the Prada campaign making her the first black model to do so since Naomi Campbell in 1994.
On the Prada campaign: “At that time, I didn’t know that I was the second black girl since Naomi Campbell. So when the campaign came out and everyone started talking about it, I was amazed.”

Fave movie: Main in Manhattan, with J.Lo.
Helpful advice along the way: Jourdan Dunn texted me: “You have to be strong and stay focused.”
How she was discovered: She wanted to model. She sent photos to agencies and was declined a lot before she went into Premier Model Management and they took her on.

With Paris Hilton! Too cool.

She loves: Sketching, acting, dancing and Big Macs! And burritos. That’s our kind of girl.
Priorities: “Stay happy” rather than “go wild.” Firth is a self-proclaimed homebody, evident in the Instagram pics of her chilling in lounge wear.
She collects: Feathers! During fashion week she found one in each city.
To her fans: “Stay positive, and don’t let anyone bring you down. Enjoy life.”

Liu Wen

Born in: January 27, 1988 (age 26)
Her personal style: Skinny jeans with tighter clothes on top for a sexy look. And when it’s cold outside she adds a big jacket.
Other dream job: Being a stylist! Although she rarely offers her opinion on shoots.

How she chills out: Waking up naturally, doing a manicure, hair care and cooking for herself.
She keeps her energy up by: Drinking coffee, eating ice cream and lots of water.
Awesome career moment: Being the first East Asian to walk in the Victoria’s Secret show. She is also the first Chinese face of Estée Lauder.
Packing must haves: Face masks from Estée Lauder, candies and a half pack of cookies!
She was discovered: She was the tallest in her school and it made her always have bad posture. Her mom made her enter a modelling competition to make her more confident. Liu Wen says she only wanted the first prize, a computer. But from there her modelling career was born.
On moving from Beijing to New York: She spoke little english and says “I couldn’t talk with the people, only yes and no, and I felt so stupid. I couldn’t understand anything.” But she learned fast and is quite fluent now.

Model BFFs: Constance Jablonski and many of the other chinese models.
When she first got to New York: “I didn’t know how to take the subway to get to castings and fittings. The agency had interns who took me on the subway, taught me how to do the delivery food, everything. You don’t have a lot of time to think, you just go to work.”

Gigi Hadid

She was discovered: When she was only two years old! She started with Baby Guess but then stopped until she turned 17. Her mother wouldn’t let her sign with an agency until she turned 17, when she finally signed with IMG models.
Daughter of: Yolanda Foster, the model turned reality star turned real-estate mogul. Good genes in that family.
Dated: Cody Simpson. The pair just recently broke up. Gigi sayed he broke up with her to focus on his music. Crazy that a girl like that could get dumped but she handled it maturely saying “We’re still best friends and I’ll always respect him and support his career.”

In high school: She was a competitive horseback rider and a club volleyball player. She even went to the Junior Olympic qualifiers for volleyball.
Her favorite supermodels are: Doutzen Kroes and Candice Swanepoel.
Epic career changing moments: Three Guess campaigns, Victoria’s Secret show and her fashion week debut for Desigual.

Funniest photo shoot: Recently Gigi had to ride a camel on a shoot and was terrified he was going to spit in her face. We wouldn’t like that either Gigi!

Sophie Touchet

Born in: Gatineau, Québec, Canada
Modelling since: January 2014
Major career milestones so far: 43 top runway shows in New York, London, Milan and Paris including Chanel, Alexander McQueen, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Burberry, Fendi, Jil Sander, Marni and Dolce & Gabanna. She has also worked for multiple international editions of Vogue.

She says (in charmingly broken english) that before she was discovered: “I was in Gatineau working in a Best Buy, waiting for September to go to university. My plans have change, actually.”

Home for now: Sophie is living in a model apartment in the Financial District of Manhattan.
On her bucket list: Skydiving!