It may have taken her about a million and a half hours to get here, but Shelly Stuckman (winner of the #garagefestival contest) was so excited to come to Canada for the Osheaga Music Festival in Montréal. The only bad part of the entire trip was when we had to let her leave! We loved the girl and wanted to adopt her into the Garage family.

You may already know a little bit about Shelly from her blog Arizona Girl. She started blogging about a year and a half ago. At the time she had under 100 followers on Instagram, a number that has now grown to over 5,000. Her blog started from when she would post photos of her outfits on Instagram for fun. People LOVED them and encouraged her to do more. Shelly would ask her Mom to take her photo in the kitchen, and from there Arizona Girl was born. She now works with her brother, Billy Stuckman, who is trained in film and is her official photographer. She is currently in the top three of Teen Vogue’s Fashion Click Top 100 Bloggers and has an impressive resume of collaborations for such a young blog.

Shelly had never been to Canada and we were so happy we got to show her around. We knew we were going to have a great weekend when we brought her on the metro, a boring every day activity for us, and she was so excited because she had never been on one before. It’s hard to choose highlights from her trip but the shopping spree was definitely up there. Thank goodness she was smart enough to bring a nearly empty suitcase to fill with all her new clothes! She was also so excited to see Haim, Lorde, Outkast and be up front at Kate Nash. By the end of the weekend not only did Shelly find new friends in Garage but she also became close with bloggers Rachel of Jag Lever and Noelle Downing. The girls were an inseparable group of megababes taking Osheaga by a storm!

Check out some photos of Shelly’s adventure’s below:


Shelly Stuckman





Shelly Stuckman

  • Lori Ann

    What a great article! The trip does sound like an amazing adventure. I love your blog; thanks for sharing so we can be a part of a super experience 🙂

  • Stuckyg

    What a wonderful trip for an awesome young lady. Garage, you are the best!