Jeans are a staple in every girl’s wardrobe but choosing the right ones can be totally overwhelming. There are so many colours, shapes and fits it’s ridiculous. Here is our official guide to all things denim. We broke it down to three categories: wash, fit and how to create an awesome look. You have your own personal style, here is how to choose denim that is the perfect fit!

Your Wash Options

Rinse Wash
: This is where it all starts. The rinse wash is the most basic wash for a denim garment. The purpose is to make the garment more wearable by taking out the extra dye from the jean to stop the color from running. Rinse wash equals those dark indigo coloured jeans. The process helps give the jeans a softer feel than just the raw denim alone. Soft jeans for the win!

Mid Wash
: Gives you that mid blue color you see on most jeans. Super similar to the rinse wash jean but the rinsing part has gone on for longer to give a more mid-blue color.

Light Wash: 
Those light blue jeans you LOVE have gone through a light wash. This basically just means that more of the color has been taken out through the rinse wash process giving you that light blue colour.

Bleach Wash: Those heavily faded jeans that are super trendy are also super hard to make. Highly skilled operators have to wash the jeans with bleach or apply through a spray. Long story short light and washed out jeans are hard to make but look ridiculously cool.

Black/Grey Wash: Not to be captain obvious over here or anything but these jeans are black or grey. The process is similar to that of making blue jeans but uses different dye colors to give the desired shade.

Vintage finishing: This is basically the “worn in” look. This look is achieved by applying a type of bleach to the places that we want to look worn in, achieving a vintage-jean feeling.




Your Fitting Options

Low Waist Jegging
– Sits below the hips
– Super skinny legging fit

High Waist Jegging
– Sits at hip level
– Super skinny legging fit

Super Soft High Waist Jegging
– Sits at hip level
– Super skinny jegging fit
– Stretchy and soft fabric

Retro High Waist Jegging
– Sits just below the belly button
– Super skinny legging fit

Roller Jegging
– The highest fit we’ve got!
– Sits right on the belly button
– Super skinny legging fit
– No front pockets for a full on sexy look

Boyfriend Jeans
– Looser fit
– Distressed details
– Wear them with rolled up hems for the perfect casual look!



Your Styling Options

High Waist Jegging: This is your go-to jean. Rushing out the door first thing the morning? Grab some high waist jeggings, throw on the first shirt you see and despite getting dressed in less than 5 seconds you’ll still look like a babe.

Super Soft High Waist Jegging: With the mid rise waistline these look great paired with baseball tees or ballerina tees. Want a more dressy look? Try a printed cami over these classic jeans.

Roller Jegging: To balance basic with daring wear these pocketless basic jeans with fashionably detailed top. Try cropped or bodycon tops, bold patterns, sheer fabrics or cutout shapes. The options are limitless!

Retro High Waist Jegging: Two words. Crop. Top. These jeans come up high so you can wear those little tops without showing an unflattering amount of skin.

Low Waist Jegging: Since the waistline is super low in these jeggings wear them with a longer top. This is a good time to rock the oversized plaid shirt look or a relaxed tee. This is the perfect look to capture the girl next door vibe.

Boyfriend Jeans: This look is more daring than the other basic jeans so it’s important to style it flawlessly. Since the boyfriend jeans have a loose fit pair a fitted shirt to show your figure. To make the jeans stand out more tuck your shirt in. If you want to take the boyfriend look to the next level wear a oversized plaid shirt rolled up at the sleeves. Epic cool girl look for the win!



  • hanna

    Can you please make your jeggings and jeans in a long inseam? I love your jeans but they have always been to short for me. So im stuck going out of town to buy hollister and american eagle jeans because they sell theyre jeans in a long.