Garage loves music, if you couldn’t tell! We are SO stoked to go to Osheaga Music Festival this weekend and here are the artists we are most excited to see. You may have heard of some of them, some are totally new, all are worth checking out. Each day leading up to the festival, take a look at some of the best artists from diverse music genres. Expand your music horizons and rock out to some totally awesome tunes.

Pt. 2: Electronic

Get street cred by being able to name 5 solid electronic artists. Lucky for us we also happen to get to go see them this weekend in Montréal at Osheaga. If you’re not so fortunate to be able to go, take a listen here and show off your new DJ knowledge to all your BFF’s.

Real name: Mike Lévy
Who he is: French techno artist and DJ.
Why you should care: He has worked alongside and remixed tracks for diverse artists such as Tiga, Miss Kittin, ASAP Rocky and Lana Del Rey. He also produced two tracks on Kanye West’s album Yeezus.
He asks: If you could play a show anywhere in the world, where would you play? “The moon. The dark side, of course.”

Cyril Hahn
Real name: Cyril Hahn
Who he is: Rising producer from Switzerland.
Why you should care: You heard his remix of “Say My Name” on last week’ Music Monday. This kid is dope!
He says: “My friends always describe my music as sex music or make-out music so I guess if you wanna get down to business, my songs are just what you need.”

Duke Dumont
Real name: Adam Dyment
Who he is: British DJ and producer.
Why you should care: Top of the UK singles chart and nominated for Best Dance Recording at the Grammy’s.
He says: “DJing and producing are literally polar opposites. I’m speaking to you from my studio right now. It’s pitch black, the lights are down. I’m in here literally seven hours of the day, not speaking to anyone. It’s the most antisocial job you could think of. I’m like a hermit. It’s a monk-like existence. Djing is the absolute opposite.”

Real Name: Harley Edward Streten
Who he is: An Australian electronic music instrumentalist, producer and DJ.
Why you should care: He’s famous in New Zealand is is quickly blowing up in North America.
He says: About eight months ago we went to Portugal for a festival, and it was a nightmare. The flight oversold and didn’t have any space for us, so we ended up having to buy new tickets at the very last minute. We ran to the gate and the production manager didn’t make it, so I ended up in Portugal by myself. I got to the festival with ten minutes to spare, and nobody spoke English. I had to set up all the visual stuff by myself and I didn’t know how to do it, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing.

Laurent Garnier
Real name: Laurent Garnier but is also known as Choice
Who he is: French techno music producer and DJ. He began DJing in Manchester during the late 1980s and has since recorded several albums.
Why you should care: He is the master.
He says: “By the time I was ten years old my bedroom looked like a nightclub. There were strobes, multi-coloured flashing lights, a disco ball, a DJ booth and a dance floor. When I switched on my equipment hundreds of tiny white lights would flit across my bedroom ceiling and walls. I switched on my disco ball every night. I only dreamt of one thing: making people dance.”

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