That awkward moment when you’re having a blast in the pool and feel something slip and then see your swimsuit float past you. This has happened to the best of us but luckily we’re here to help. We have a new swim guide to help you choose your perfect fit and avoid those embarrassing moments so you can have the best summer ever!

Garage Swim Bottoms

When choosing a swimsuit the most important things are fit and style. The swim guide lets you mix and match different tops and bottoms for the perfect bikini.

Break all the rules! With swimwear you can do this because:

a) Bikinis are very little fabric. Polka dot pants with bold tribal print top are a definite fashion no but polka dot bikini bottoms with a tribal print bikini top is super cute!

b) You are showing a lot of skin so best to choose a top and bottom you feel most confident in. Blue top to accentuate your eyes and a pink bottom to show off your tan? Go for it!

c) It’s summer so what better time to express your individuality and creativity!

Garage Sunglasses

Going to the beach requires major accessories for time spent lying in the sun reading, listening to music and having serious girl talk. Flip flops and cool shades are obvious necessities.

The hard choice is choosing what to wear over your bikini. We say if its during the day and you know you’ll only be picking up a snack (ice cream!) to eat on the beach, all you need is a pair of denim cut-off shorts and maybe a tank if you have to go inside. Drop armhole tanks equal best way to get around that no-shirt no-service rule!

Garage Festival Denim Shorts

Going from beach to party is super easy with soft pants. Choose something comfortable so you can throw it over your bikini easily and don’t have to waste precious sun time in a random bathroom somewhere. Also go for color or patterns to be flirty and to compliment your new tan!

Check out our swim guide for more mix & match ideas!

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