… that’s what these girls are made of.

Last month, Madeline & KayKay, better known as Sugar & Spice, joined us at Coachella as our on-site festival bloggers. It was the first stop on our summer music festival tour in which we’ve invited some of the best bloggers to rock the Garage style and blog about their experience. Our next stop is Sasquatch! Music Festival in Washington, USA, May 23-25.

Sugar & Spice have become two of our favorite bloggers. Dressed in Garage and equipped with their phones and a Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 instant camera, they documented their Coachella experience on their blog. Get to know them a little better with our post-festival interview below!


Why the name Sugar and Spice?
We wanted a name that represented our differences and togetherness at the same time. Like the yin and yang philosophy!

How and why did you become bloggers?
It literally happened overnight. KayKay was visiting from California and we got to talking about how we had a lot of the same passions. We thought starting a blog could allow us to keep our long-distance friendship alive AND (hopefully) bring positivity into the world via our combined love for art and people. Immediately after the idea, we stayed up late taking pictures, creating a Tumblr page and coming up with a name.

Describe in a few words your experience at Coachella.
“Truly incredible. We danced, sang, and even shed a tear or two watching our favorite artists… with my best friend and new pals (we’re looking at you Garage fam!) by my side. Could there anything better?” – KayKay

Coachella is well known for its good music, fashion and food. What was the best thing you ate?

“I think it’s clear from our festival photos that the watermelon was a big hit haha. You know a food is good when you dance like no one’s watching, raising it above your head like you just won a trophy.” – Madeline


Where do you live and what do you like about living there?

“I moved to Salt Lake City, UT from Dallas, TX last summer. I LOVE it here. It’s beautiful and offers the perfect balance of outdoor fun and city life, perfect for my lifestyle!”
– Madeline

“Although I grew up in Texas, I moved to LA when I was 18. I love Los Angeles because there are so many inspiring people aspiring to do great things. It forces you to challenge yourself to do things you may not have realized you could do.” – KayKay

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