Summer is the perfect time for that messy up-do. It keeps you cool and looking effortless. It’s safe to say that the messy bun is the ultimate style for that chill summer look. Usually the most undone look requires the most effort but, thankfully, we have the styles that are simple to follow that will have you looking like you just effortlessly got out of bed this morning. Here are 3 messy bun styles for summer.

3 Messy Bun Styles for Summer


The Ultimate Messy Bun

Messy bun Styles for summer

What you need: An elastic and a comb. Seriously, that’s it!

Step 1: Pull your hair into a pony tail. Place the pony tail in the same spot you’d like your bun to be. Don’t worry about it not looking perfect – remember, we’re going for messy – but try avoid any crazy bumps.

Step 2: Divide your ponytail into two sections and tease it with a comb (comb your hair backwards for more volume). It’s not great for your hair, so try some leave in conditioner beforehand to make it less likely to damage, and don’t do this everyday. Trust us, the teasing is necessary to get the right look.

Step 3: Keep your hair in the same two sections from step two. Wrap the hair around your pony tail elastic in two directions (as if you were creating a top knot). But instead of pinning it in place perfectly (aka ballerina bun style) leave the ends out. This creates the effect you need to look effortlessly messy.

Step 4: Pull a few strands down to frame your face to complete the look.

Dutch Braid Combined With Low Messy Bun

Messy bun Styles for summer

Check out the video below to learn everything you need to know, including a detailed way on how to make a french braid.

What you need: 3 elastics and hair pins.

Half Up Half Down

Messy bun Styles for summer

What you need: An elastic, bobby pin, and texturizing spray.

Step 1: Take the top section of your hair and gather it into a pony tail. It will depend on your facial structure how much hair you want to pull back. Experiment with it and see what looks the best for you.

Step 2: Loop an elastic around the top part of hair, as if you were making a pony tail. But instead of pulling the hair all the way through on the last twist, let it get caught in the elastic so it’s sitting in a loop.

Step 3: Add bounce and body to the rest of your hair. You can do this by randomly curling some of the left out layers, and pull some strands out to frame your face.

Step 4: Wrap a strand of hair around the top of the bun to hide the elastic. Pin the hair in place.

Step 5: Spray all your hair with texturizing spray to get that “just rolled out of bed” look.