• 57

    I love your brand so much. I use to go to hollister but the clothes were never really me. Until my cousin introduced me to your store I was a whole different person. I am now comfy and cute everyday thanks to you guys

  • Ellen

    I also love this store sm because they’re very very stylish and cute. They definitely match my personality and idk what I would do if garage didn’t exist! Half of my clothes are from here and whenever I go to the mall the first place I think of going to is garage! 😁😁

  • Jordan

    Love this brand so much! Despite recent weight gain and struggles with depression and anxiety, these jeans make me feel so beautiful and worthy. Thanks so much Garage!

  • Nancy Secker

    I love Garage so much!!! I would love it so much if I win this contest!

  • Maddie

    I love Garage. I have NO self confidence and i’m constantly afraid of being picked on at school as i have been in the past. Garage clothing empowers me. It gives me confidence and makes me feel beautiful. Thanks Garage! 💕

  • This would be the best Christmas gift of all times! Crossing my fingers, and good luck o to everyone else! ❤️

  • Sydney

    I’ve been insecure with my body my whole life and every piece of garage clothing I’ve gotten in the past has made me feel better. I am so grateful for the clothes I’ve been able to buy. This would also be the best birthday/Christmas present I could ever ask for!!

  • Angela

    Garage has changed my life. It’s really the only clothes I wear except for when I’m dancing. I’ve always had a struggle finding clothes to wear that weren’t activewear clothes and garage helped me out with that. Going to jingle ball would be THE GREATEST Christmas I’ve ever gotten ,(even better than the Apple Watch I’ve asked for)

  • ashley

    As a preteen it was really hard for to find clothes, children stores,their clothes were to small for me, and adult stores, their clothes were to big and to expensive. Then I found Garage. I believe it was around Christmas time so the store was really pretty, and to my surprise it was full of clothes, the prices were really good, with lots of things on sale, and those things just got me. Now I buy clothes and gift cards for myself and friends all the time! Garage makes me feel pretty, and confident in myself. I’d love to be rocking out at the concert in their stuff!