By Madeleine V.

Hailey Sani recently made a Youtube video answering all her followers’ burning questions… including seeing Drake perform, her dislike for jeans and what her overall vibes are about.

If Hailey could get any tattoo she would get a lip-tat but don’t tell her parents because they would not be pleased…

When asked about Coachella, Hailey dished the deets about her whirlwind weekend which included running around on Venice Beach and seeing Drake perform!

She filmed a video on location with Garage about things everyone should do this summer and made sure to get a selfie with all her Besties…

Hailey wanted to clear the air, SHE IS NOT VEGAN. She’s a pescetarian, meaning she also eats seafood with her vegetarian diet.

If she could say something to her younger self, it would be to ‘Chillax’ and that anything she is currently worried about won’t matter in 2 months.

When it comes to her vibes, Hailey is all about living in the moment and focusing on work, school and her friends and the fam.

Asked how to describe her style, Hailey feels it’s best described as casual, chic, model off-duty.

She is not a fan of jeans, to say the least, she can’t even remember the last time she wore them.

So she’s been really all about cool sweatpants, leggings, skirts or shorts!

1st day done 👼🏼 #iweargarage

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And of course Hailey couldn’t forget about sporting a solid pair of sunnies. Talk about a confidence boost!


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Hailey keeps her insecurities in check by turning her negative thoughts into positive thoughts: an emotional glow-up for real.

The glow-up comes with experiencing different life lessons says Hailey, meaning it is inevitable! If you’re going through something = you’re glowing-up!

Oh and never forget Hailey loves you to Pluto and back!

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