Joy Baber is a fashion & health blogger based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. She started A Little Detail in 2014 as a way to inspire people through daily outfits. Both a city girl and a nature lover, Joy’s style incorporates a rustic feel with a city chic essence, perfect for walking through the woods or a day in town. Believing in practicality and comfort over any thing else, she is often seen in sneakers over heels and jeans over skirts. Here are 5 quick questions with Joy!

Describe your ultimate day off.

I would wake up extremely early and drive to a lake with my friends just to watch the sunrise. I would then spend the day boating, swimming, reading, drawing and exploring the surroundings. To finish everything off my friends and I would enjoy an amazing meal and make s’mores on the campfire while stargazing.

What can’t you leave your house without (besides your phone)?

I can’t leave my house without snacks and a water bottle #alwayshungry and my glasses (cause I’m practically blind!)

A Little Detail - Joy Baber

“What I like most about the white favorite denim shorts is how unbelievably comfortable they are!”


Next vacation spot?

Nothing is confirmed yet but I am hoping to visit Vancouver, British Columbia at the end of summer!

A Little Detail - Joy Baber

If you could raid a celebrity’s closet who’s would it be?

Now that’s a tough one, I have so many celebrity style crushes it’s hard to narrow it down to just one… but I would probably have to say Kendall Jenner! I love her chic/casual sense of style plus she basically has my dream handbag collection!

What do you like about the white favorite denim shorts?

What I like most about the white favorite denim shorts is how unbelievably comfortable they are! Unlike most denim shorts the material is very breathable and movable, I don’t feel at all uncomfortable or self-conscious in these shorts.

A Little Detail - Joy Baber

Like her look? Joy is wearing the Cotton White Favorite Denim Short, a Retro Cold Shoulder Top (similar), and a Fedora Hat.