Imagine being on top of the world. If you can picture that, you begin to understand what it’s like to be in Patagonia. A large but sparcely populated region in the southern part of South America, it includes Argentina – the location of our Holiday 2015 shoot. So to start Patagonia is partly home to the Andes – only the longest mountain range in the world – which is littered with mountains, volcanoes, lakes and the occasional ski resort. For the shoot we were just outside of San Martín de los Andes, on a resort with deep woods and the occasional view of the sun rising or setting over the Andes. Add ‘sunset behind the Lanín Volcano‘ to your bucket list ASAP. Basecamp was a chalet with an amazing husband and wife duo in the kitchen. The local crew were also top notch and shared mate with us which, if you’re over coffee, makes a more than suitable replacement. Mate is a traditional drink in Argentina that is typically drunk in social settings, making it very good for the soul.

The scenery, people and general atmosphere were the perfect backdrop to shoot our newest collection, and it brought about some inspiring photos. Check out our photo diary from Patagonia below, featuring models Jena Goldsack, Helena Vestergaard and Bruna Pellenz.



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Cabin Fever
Cloud Nine
Wild Faux You
Fireside Cozy
Run Free
Woodland Wishes