You’re stuck on a deserted island with no shopping mall in sight but alas a genie appears and says he will grant you 10 fashion wishes. What clothing items do you wish for?

Whether you’re trying to decide if that genie is actually real, packing for a holiday, trying out the minimalism trend or simply want to know what essentials you’re missing, here is a list of 10 things every girl needs in her closet. If this is all your wardrobe consisted of, you would survive. Although we do hope you own more than one or two shirts.

1. White tee & black tee

The thing about having these is that you know you’ll always have a shirt that will go with your bottoms and can easily be dressed up or down. Get one that’s more fitted and one that fits loose so you can play with both styles.

2. Flat shoes

Obviously you’re going to need everyday shoes that you can throw on and casually wear around. Sneakers are super in right now but if it’s not your style, ballet shoes and sandals are cool too.

Neutral colored heel

In case you want to dress up one night, bring a pair of go-to heels. Pick the pair that suits your personality: stilettos if you’re dangerous, platforms if your trendy, wedge if your fun or kitten heels if you’re sweet.


Skinny jeans

Black or dark blue skinny jeans are ideal for everyday wear. Now the only question is: to get high-waisted or low-rise?

Boyfriend jeans

You know you’ll want comfy casual boyfriend jeans to chill out in, and now they’re also mad fashionable so you can chillax in style. Get a light blue pair to contrast with your skinny jeans.



This is a classic French girl trick: wear your face au natural and just swipe on one coat of lipstick. Pick one you can wear everyday, best for your skin tone and matches your clothes’ color range.


You will never regret investing in a good purse. Your main bag is kind of like your future husband: you need to love it,
you know its responsible for taking care of your baby (a.k.a. your phone), and (hopefully) you’ll have it for life. Choose one that is good quality, not too big or small, and a neutral tone.

Little Black Dress

Little black dress

It’s got to be the kind of dress you know you always look amazing in. If you get invited somewhere fancy you can dress it up with heels, or if you just want to casually wow someone you can slip it on with sneakers or sandals.


Because this is your go-to piece for when you want to add a bit of mystery. Choose a dark lens to channel your inner old school glamour.


Bomber Jacket

This is the ultimate go-to jacket because it’s always season appropriate. Ok maybe not in the dead of winter, but even then if you won’t be outside for long it might be worth it to look fabulous.