As much as we don’t want to admit it, summer’s almost over and it’s time to think about back to school. Maybe cramming for tests or eyeing that cute boy in gym class is what gets you through the week, but nothing spells fun quite like picking that perfect back to school outfit. This year we have 11 fits and 47 different denim washes to choose from, but instead of hearing it from us, we asked our fave It Girls to share their love for their favorite pair of Garage denim in a feature we call the Denim Squad.

Denim Squad: Q&A with Nikita Bhola

Toronto style blogger Nikita Bhola calls herself a “plain jane” when it comes to her style, and it’s in that simplicity that she finds inspiration for the outfits she posts. Her Instagram feed is a great start to finding that perfect #OOTD, and her mix of flat shots and outfits show you different ways to wear the same item so your look is always fresh. Here’s what Nikita had to say about her Garage Retro High Waist Jeggings, her long list of comfort foods, and her favourite song ever.

Nikita Bhola / Retro High Waist Jeggings

If you could style one celebrity, who would it be?

Ruby Rose! Definitely Ruby Rose. Her look is so bold and screams a whole bunch of awesomeness and I would love to challenge myself in dressing her up.

What’s your favorite Instagram account?

I’m always scrolling through my feed and @boywithnojob never fails to make me laugh. This post is the story of my photographer’s life (aka my friends and family).

Nikita Bhola / Retro High Waist Jeggings

“The Retro High Waist Jegging is probably the most comfortable pair of denim I own.”


Describe your style.

I’m a plain jane. I firmly believe that less is more, especially when it comes to fashion. I like to buy lots of basics and mix and match them. For example, I will buy a couple of basic camis, a pair of denim, plaid shirts or cardigans and mix and match the outfit. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with repeating items, so I tend to re-wear a lot of my clothes with different outfits!

What are you listening to right now?

Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon… just my favourite song EVER. It literally makes me happy and I know all the words!

Nikita Bhola / Retro High Waist Jeggings

What’s your comfort food?

Well if you want to know honestly… I love chocolate ice cream, pizza with olives and creamy garlic dipping sauce, Caramilk chocolate, Rolo McFlurries, and blocks of cheese. Give me any of the above and I’d be stuffing my face with all of the yummy goodness!

Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

I’m a really bad singer… like REALLY bad. But I don’t let that stop me from singing at the top of my lungs in the shower, in the car and when I’m out and about! I always embrace my horrible voice and make sure to sing louder when my friends tell me to stop.

What’s your spirit animal?

My spirit animal is a dog. I love being surrounded by my friends and family as they shower me unconditionally with love and food; both of which dogs love the most!

Why Garage Retro High Waist Jeggings?

The Retro High Waist Jeggings are probably the most comfortable pair of denim I own. It feels as if I’m wearing leggings, but jeans at the same time! It has just enough stretch for day-to-day wear, but not so much that they would lose their shape. I don’t hold myself back from stuffing my face with my long list of comfort foods since the denim is high waisted and hides my food belly pretty well!

Nikita Bhola / Retro High Waist Jeggings

Like her look? Nikita is wearing Garage Clear Sky Retro High Waist Jeggings, a Boyfriend Flannel Plaid Shirt, and a Heritage Boyfriend Plaid Shirt.