As much as we don’t want to admit it, summer’s almost over and it’s time to think about back to school. Maybe cramming for tests or eyeing that cute boy in gym class is what gets you through the week, but nothing spells fun quite like picking that perfect back to school outfit. This year we have 11 fits and 47 different denim washes to choose from, but instead of hearing it from us, we asked our fave It Girls to share their love for their favorite pair of Garage denim in a feature we call the Denim Squad.

Denim Squad: Q&A with Jessica Lemos

Jessica Lemos is a 26-year-old NYC-based personal style blogger, singer and photographer. Her passion for fashion motivated her to start her own blog, Dress Like Jess, on which she shares beauty tips and outfit inspirations. She also owns an online clothing store with her sister in Brazil. Here’s what Jess had to say about her Garage Boyfriend Jeans, her new fave Instagram account, and her love for Paramore.

Jess Lemos / Boyfriend Jeans

If you could style one celebrity, who would it be?

I think it would be fun to style Ashley Benson. Her style is quite edgy/grungy, so I think she would appreciate the things I’d pick out for her. Plus, she loves black clothes, like me!

What’s your favorite Instagram account?

There’s actually an account that I discovered recently and I believe it’s quite new but I have already fallen in love with it. It’s called @kneebruises and all I can say is: feed goals.

Jess Lemos / Boyfriend Jeans

“These ripped Boyfriend Jeans not only have an effortless, cool look but are also super comfortable.”


Describe your style.

My style is very mixed. I don’t like to limit myself to a specific style so, basically, if I like something, I wear it. Overall, I think it’s usually quite edgy and often has a bohemian touch.

What are you listening to right now?

I think I’m almost always listening to Paramore. They’ve been my favorite band for years and are kind of my go-to band when I don’t know what to listen to.

Jess Lemos / Boyfriend Jeans

What’s your comfort food?

Chips! Especially BBQ flavored ones.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

I lived in Brazil for four years and can actually speak Portuguese fluently.

Jess Lemos / Boyfriend Jeans
Jess Lemos / Boyfriend Jeans

What’s your spirit animal?

I have actually never really thought about what my spirit animal might be, so I just went ahead and took a quiz to find out! Apparently I’m a swan, whose characteristics are: idealistic, open-minded, and passionate. I especially liked the part that said that “beneath that serenity lies a fighting spirit,” which I find very true about myself.

Why Garage Boyfriend Jeans?

These ripped Boyfriend Jeans not only have an effortless, cool look but are also super comfortable. It’s like the best of both worlds! They can instantly make an outfit more interesting without trying too hard, which I love!

Jess Lemos / Boyfriend Jeans

Like her look? Jess is wearing Garage Chilled Blue Boyfriend Jean, a Striped Ringer Tee, the Slouchy Shrug, the Choker Set and a Midi Ring Set.