Marcus Mumford’s statement during Mumford and Sons’ Saturday night set says it all: “I think this might be the best festival in America, if not the world!” And that’s exactly how we felt last month while at Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival aka four days in the hottest, sunniest, humidest and stickiest weather aka Tennessee in June aka the ultimate over-the-top summer festival. So who do you take with you when you join over 90,000 people on a farm in the middle of Tennessee for a festival that includes the most diverse array of musical styles, art and graffiti murals, craftsmen and artisans, a comedy tent, a silent disco, a cinema tent, and a Ferris wheel? Megan and Liz of course! The BFF twin sisters, singers and songwriters, and fashion and beauty experts joined us for their first Bonnaroo experience. Here are our highlights which all ended with the meaning of the word bonnaroo: a really good time.


1.The heat. It’s undeniable and slightly unbearable (like when you wake up in your tent at 6am because you’re sweating) but hey it’s Bonnaroo and they have a water slide and fountain!


2.The food. Bonnaroo always does such a good job at offering an array of food choices and this year’s vendors did not disappoint. The only downside is that our outfits suffered – at least for us clumsy ones.


3.The air conditioned VIP tents saved our lives many times but we secretly only visited them to play ping pong and that really fun arcade basketball game.


4.Megan and Liz’ weekend hightlight was most certainly meeting their idol, Betty Who, at the Who Stage. The infectious hairdying trend continues!


5.That time there was a stampede for Twenty One Pilots.

6.The fact that we still haven’t fully figured out the stages (Which Stage, What Stage, This Tent, That Tent, The Other Tent) and the joy of stumbling upon the small, intimate ones.


Photos: Mumford and Sons, Ben Harper, Tor Miller, The Dø.

7.Ever have a Mean Girls sing-along? We did at the Bonnaroo Cinema!


8.We definitely over played the play on words with the word Bonnaroo: Don’t ROOuin my weekend, BonnaROOles, She’s such a BonnaROOkie, The roo the roo the roo is on fire…


9.That time we saw McLovin dancing to Courtney Barnett and then again in the Nashville Airport!


10.Going to your first music festival with your BFF/twin sister and living through a rollercoaster of emotions.


Megan and Liz made their first ever vlog a Bonnaroo recap! Check it out below:

You can see more photos from the weekend on Instagram: Garage, Megan and Liz, Megan, Liz.