Imagine you’re rocking out at a festival and a cute boy walks up to you and says “Nice lashes!” except he meant that one of your fake lashes is stuck halfway down your cheek. Music festivals can be a hot, sweaty mess, so here are all the festival beauty hacks you need to know to look fresh all weekend long.

Skip the false lashes ✓

Instead opt for this beauty hack: lightly dab baby powder onto lashes and then swipe on your mascara. The baby powder will make your lashes look long and voluminous.

Accessorize smartly ✓

If your hair gets messy you can put on a hat (and protect yourself from the sun) or put on a headband and do a loose braid.

Packing right, packing light ✓

Take advantage of two-in-one beauty products, like blush that can also act as lip color. You can do touch ups and it takes up half the space.

Be waterproof ✓

Nothing else compares to how fast eye makeup melts. You can go from glamorous to looking like you just cried for an hour in less than 5 minutes. Stick to only putting waterproof mascara on the top, definitely no mascara on the bottom, and skip the liner unless it’s waterproof.

Drink water ✓

Staying well hydrated will make your skin look bright and will keep you dancing all weekend long.

Take probiotics ✓

It may not sound sexy but probiotics are a great supplement to help you get clear skin and keep your immune system in good shape. Two things we need while hanging at the festivals.

Stay clean (At least as clean as possible!) ✓

Face wipes are your best friend on this one. Wipe down to avoid breakouts and stay fresh.

Bring blotting papers ✓

Being sweaty at a festival is a sign you’re having a good time but be prepared with blotting papers so you’re not as shiny as the lights on stage.

Cover up, not caked up ✓

Foundation can be a recipe for disaster at a music festival. Heavy products will end up caked to your face. Go for lighter coverage with tinted primer and a light powder with a touch of concealer where you need it.

Be oil free ✓

Can’t live without some of your face products? Make sure everything that goes on your face is oil free. When you start sweating it will make your skin feel (and look) greasy, and will melt your makeup.

Sunscreen (lol but seriously!) ✓

Not to sound like your mom, but don’t skip out on sun protection. Sunscreen doesn’t have to be dry and pasty; you can get a waterproof sunblock that’s mixed in with liquid foundation. Trust us, your face will thank you when you’re older!

Dry shampoo ✓

Greasy hair is a sure way to ruin an Instagram photo. Apply some dry shampoo to your roots to avoid a full hair wash but still get rid of extra shine. Pro tip: check out the drugstore travel section for mini bottles that will fit in your purse to bring on the go.

Braids are meant for festivals ✓

Messy hair that can’t be tamed? Or maybe you just want it out of your face? Braids are the answer. Check out this article for some major festival hair inspiration.

Make perfume last longer ✓

Do this and you’ll never look back. Rub vaseline on your pulse points before you spray on your perfume. The vaseline will hold in the scent longer than if you were to spray it directly onto bare skin.

Fresh scent on the go ✓

Bringing a whole bottle of perfume with you is a recipe for disaster. Spray a bit of your perfume on cotton swabs, put them in a sandwich bag, and use this for touch ups throughout the weekend.