Braids aren’t just for school girls anymore. This hairstyle has become a festival staple, but the best dressed girls know it’s about so much more than the braids you learned how to do in grade school. Here is some serious inspiration so you can choose the look that goes the best with your personal style.

Which kind of festival girl are you?

1. Badass Babe

You’re the kind of girl who rocks to the beat of her own drum. You’re not afraid to rock ankle boots with your short shorts and stick to mysterious dark shades.


2. Pop Princess

You love to have fun, making you a total blast to hang out with at music festivals. This year you already know you’re going to look way cute in a colorful bikini top and short shorts while capitalizing on the crochet trend. Winning all around!


3. Classical Beauty

You have the poise of Audrey Hepburn and the grace of a ballerina. You know pastel shades are your jam and can pull off a little sundress at a festival like no one else can.


4. Free Spirit

Bring on the feathers, colorful clothes and fringe look. Your friends know they can count on you to be dancing until the sun comes up and then ready to do it all over again the next day.

Braids for Every Festival Girl

5. Wild Girl

When people look at your style, they instantly know how full of life you are. You’re daring enough to try out the latest trends and make them your own.


Indie Chick

You have peaceful yoga vibes all around you and your style shows you were born to go with the flow. Mellow out with a simple braid and get ready to sway to the music.