When it comes to style, the right fit is everything. And when us girls shop for jeans, the right fit is usually based on the following: good quality, trendy, comfy and versatile… and of course how nice our butt looks! This makes shopping for jeans a bit of a hassle because of all of the different fits and washes available. Sound familiar? Well it doesn’t have to be that way. We asked Debbie P., Denim Designer, to help us prepare this Holiday denim guide so that you can find that perfect pair of jeans. With our 7 fits and over 30 washes, hopefully it’s a pair of Garage jeans!


Low Waist Jeggings
Sits below the hip with a super skinny jegging fit.
What’s hot: The low waist is an essential for every girl’s closet.
What’s new: New indigo colours with rips.

High Waist Jeggings
Sits at hip level with a super skinny jegging fit. You can pretty much wear these with anything!
What’s hot: The must-have trend that you see everywhere right now is ripped knees, like our vintage black high waist jegging.
What’s new: This year we introduced a coated high waist jegging, a brand new style for Garage. Available in black, it features a shiny coating that gives the denim a sleek finish. You’ll definitely stand out in a crowd! We also developped a vintage style moto jegging for those who prefer a more retro look. You can see these new jeggings in our Holiday 2014 campaign photos. Finally, we expanded the colours of our high waist jeggings. Working with our concept team, we were influenced by trends coming out of Europe and added more shades of indigo, purples and greens.


Retro High Waist Jeggings
Sits just below the belly button with a super skinny jegging fit. The retro high waist sits a bit higher than the high waist jegging.
What’s hot: This is the perfect high waist fit if you want to tuck in your tops.
What’s new: We added some more destruction for Holiday.

Super Soft High Waist Jeggings
Sits at hip level with a super skinny jegging fit. Constructed with a super stretch and soft fabric.
What’s hot: This is our favourite denim! We introduced super soft into our denim lineup in July 2014 and it’s been very successful for us ever since. They’re just so soft and comfortable!
What’s new: Like the high waist, we also introduced a coated super soft high waist jegging in black for Holiday.

Skinny Jeans
Sits at hip level with a skinny fit.
What’s hot: Ripped knees! Our black skinny jean is the exact style that all of the fashion icons and bloggers are raving about.
What’s new: The skinny jean is our newest fit. It’s also our only other jean (with the boyfriend jean) that isn’t a jegging.


Boyfriend Jeans
Sits at hip level with a looser fit and distressed details.
What’s hot: Lots of destruction! Roll up the hems for the perfect casual look.
What’s new: New indigo colours.

Roller Jeggings
Our highest fit, sitting just above the belly button with a super skinny jegging fit.
What’s hot: With the highest fit and no front pockets, the roller is the perfect jegging to wear with crop tops.
What’s new: We added new super soft roller styles for Holiday.