With summer officially gone, the most important item of clothing you now need is a jacket. As the weather transitions through fall and into winter, it’s essential to dress for the elements by keeping warm yet staying fashionable. We asked Andrée-Anne L., Outerwear Designer, to take us through our new expanded outerwear collection.

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What are the different categories of outerwear for Fall/Holidays 2014?

This year we’ve grown our outerwear collection to include more choices in all of our categories, from lightweight to cold weather. We’ve also increased the quality and warmth, added some cool extra features such as water repellency, and created a new premium styles category.

Parkas & Anoraks
Wool Coats
Bombers & Faux Leather

The Plush ParkaThe Plush Parka

What inspired the colour palette for Fall/Holidays 2014?

We work closely with the concept team to make sure our palette seamlessly integrates into our campaigns. When the concept team returns from traveling the world looking for new colour ideas and trends, we meet with them and create a derivative palette that includes core and fashion colours. Because outerwear is sold at our highest price point and is intended to be worn almost daily during the season, we need to make sure that the colour palette remains versatile and fashionable. This year we have three expanded palettes: a range of khakis, neutral (which includes black, charcoal and tobacco — a big focus this year), and novelty (burgundy and blues).

The All Seasons Parka

How does our outerwear fit in with the rest of the Fall/Holidays 2014 collection?

We like to see our outerwear as a complement to any outfit, whether during the transitional fall season or during cold weather. They’re designed light when worn as a layering piece or warm for those cold winter days — and of course they’re always fashionable. We work with the other product teams to make sure our jackets look good over sweaters, denim, dresses and tees to make the perfect outfit!

Why is our outerwear so awesome and trendy for Fall/Holidays 2014?

There are a many reasons! Our selection of styles this year is our largest yet as we expanded on last year’s success to offer more choices. We’ve also added more features to our parkas such as removable Sherpa or faux fur linings, faux fur bands at hoods, faux leather detail, drawstring waistbands and ribbed cuffs. And most of our outerwear pieces are now also water and snow repellent! Finally, I think this year’s collection is our most fashionable line yet so I’m really excited about the new direction we’re taking.

The Aviator BomberThe Classic Bomber

What’s your fave piece of outerwear from the collection?

I’m super excited about the multipurpose features of some of our jackets (reversible or removable lining). I feel we are offering more to our customers and that’s a very satisfying feeling. The Plush Parka is the jacket I feel the most proud of because it looks so nice. It’s awesome, really!

Shop our new Fall/Holidays 2014 outerwear collection below, with each jacket presented as an #OOTD. Have a question? Leave us a comment below. Stay warm!

  • Maria Dix

    Congratulation for expand your collections. I like all looks but my favorite is THE PREMIUM BOMBER. Great post 🙂

    I invite you to check my last post on my blog, I wore a cardigan GARAGE of the collection last year