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Music Monday: October 27


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Girl Crush: FKA twigs

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


There really is nothing like her. Meet FKA twigs, the UK-based one of a kind singer, songwriter, dancer, music producer and video director. Yes, she really does do it all and she pulls it off beautifully. In a world where it feels like everything has been done, FKA twigs manages to bring something entirely new to the table. Her music is often categorized as alt-R&B but we’re not even sure you can call it that (and neither is she). She might be dating one of the hottest men alive but this girl stands alone as an artist and is a success in her own right. Needless to say, we have a MAJOR girl crush on mega-babe (and mega-talented) FKA twigs. Read on to find out everything you want to know about this future superstar.

FKA twigs


1. She has snagged one of the hottest men on the planet. FKA twigs is Robert Pattinson’s new girlfriend! A source told Hollywood Life “The main thing for Tahliah is that the relationship remains low-key. She wants to be known for her music, not just as ‘Robert Pattinson’s girlfriend’. She’s worried about being bogged down by constant comparisons to Kristen (Stewart).” Those comparisons might be hard to avoid but the girl will undoubtably become famous for her music because it is rad.

2. You might already recognize her as the backup dancer in a lot of high profile music videos. She has worked with Kylie Minogue, Ed Sheeran and Taio Cruz. She also appeared in Jessie J’s Price Tag.

FKA twigs


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Music Monday: October 27

Monday, October 27, 2014

Music Monday

There have been so many lists and awards going to dope new hip artists in 2014. The only thing that’s missing? The girls. Come on people! It’s 2014, where are all our girls at? Yes, we have Iggy Azalea and Nicki Minaj but two really is NOT enough. And it’s not that they’re aren’t female artists out there but rather that they’re not getting the same amount of press as their male counterparts. This means we’re not hearing about them and are missing out on some serious tracks. For this Music Monday, here are five of the best up and coming female hip-hop artists — we promise you won’t be disappointed. Whether you’re ready to dance, mellow out or practice your twerking skills alone in your bedroom, these are the songs you’ve been missing out on.

Nitty Scott, MC
Real Name: Nitzia Scott
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Why you need to know her: Her voice is insane. The girl can sound light and bohemian, like on her track with Kendrick Lamar, or be hardcore with the likes of Drake.
She says:“When people are discussing a diverse selection of male rappers, they’ll start to classify them according to what kind of hip-hop they make, what vein they fall into, what scene. I don’t feel that as females we’re given that same diversity… We’re all so different, yet we’re all thrown into this pool of ‘women that rap.'”

Real Name: Trinity Home
Hometown: Chicago
Why you need to know her: There is so much dope music coming out of Chicago right now but this girl has set herself apart by being a talented rapper and an R&B vocalist. She is still unsigned, saying she wants to figure out where she stands before she commits to a label. Tink may only be 18 but she is already one of the most talked-about new musical artists in Chicago.
She says: “I wanted to make a tape that would appeal to every emotion. I wanted a song for when you’re happy, when you’re in love, heartbreak, or ready to kill your guy.” Read More

Your Fave Celebs’ First Instagram Posts Will Surprise You

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

When Facebook added their Timeline feature we had a lot of fun looking up old photos and teasing (sometimes totally embarrassing) our friends with their old photos and status updates. Instagram is a little more challenging however because you have to scroll through a zillion photos to get to the first ones. We looked up our favourite celebs’ first Insta photos and had some really good finds! We also developed some serious Instagram thumb muscle in the process so you didn’t have to. Check them out here!

Ariana Grande

  • ariana01
  • ariana02
  • ariana03
  • ariana04

Kendall Jenner

  • kendall01
  • kendall02
  • kendall03
  • kendall04

Miley Cyrus

  • miley01
  • miley02
  • miley03
  • miley04

Taylor Swift

  • taylor01
  • taylor02
  • taylor03
  • taylor04

Cara Delevingne

  • cara03
  • cara04
  • cara01
  • cara02
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8 Awesome TV Shows You Haven’t Seen

Monday, October 20, 2014


There are about 50 million shows out there and yet somehow it ALWAYS feels like there is nothing to watch on TV. Don’t worry girls, as always we got your back. Here are 8 awesome TV shows on the air right now, and if you’ve already seen them well we did our homework and found you an equally awesome show you probably haven’t seen yet. It’s getting colder outside and you know what that means: time to binge watch some awesome shows!


Girls – For everyone who has been stuck on a desert island the past year, Girls is the TV show created by and starring Lena Dunham. It follows four girls in their 20s and lets you laugh, cry and become o-b-s-e-s-s-e-d with their lives in New York City.

Freaks and Geeks – 90s cult classic Freaks and Geeks brings you into the lives of American teenagers. It’ll blow your mind how young some of the actors are (hello James Franco as a teen). There are only 18 episodes but we promise you will love every single one of them. Read More

Music Monday: Up and Coming Artists

Monday, October 20, 2014

Music Monday

We all know that feeling when your iTunes consists only of songs you can sing word for word in your sleep. So for today’s Music Monday, here is some fresh music by artists you’ve probably never heard of, but will be super famous any day now.


Who They Are: Siblings from Nelson, New Zealand. The pair worked on their musical skills during long car trips with their parents. They have opened for one of our major band crushes, Haim. They are signed to Capitol Records.
Fun Fact: They were winners of a small mall talent competition. Talk about moving up in the world!


Who They Are: The electro-pop band from Portland, Oregon consists of members Brandon Rush (real name Brandon Johnson) and Kyle Sears (real name Kyle Dieker). The signed to Warner Bros. Records in spring 2014. If they were a little better known, their song Weekend would have been the 2014 summer anthem.
Fun Fact: They randomly moved in together at what they described as “the nastiest bachelor pad,” a super dirty “flop house” with 9 other guys. The kitchen and bathroom might have been unusable but apparently it was a good environment to start making music.


Who They Are: Brother and sister Katie and Ben Marshall are a dream pop duo from Brooklyn, NY.
Fun Fact: They received the Hypem title “Most Blogged Artist” in 2014.


Who She Is: Meet Kelela Mizanekristos, the American singer/songwriter who released her debut mixtape in 2013 and got praise from Solange Knowles and Björk. Born to Ethopian parents and growing up in Washinton, D.C, she now lives in LA.
Fun Fact: To support herself while working on her music, she did everything to pay the bills from nannying to training solar-power telemarketers.

Jordan Bratton

Who he is: A singer from New York. Often compared to Justin Bieber, he is someone to keep your eye on.
Fun Fact: He’s only 18 and completed his debut album while doing school at the same time.
He says: “There are a lot of temptations and distractions out here, and sometimes you gotta remind yourself to stay true and focused. I remind myself with this song.” – Even if his music is similar, he’s definitely more down to earth than Bieber.

The Internet

Who They Are: A band with Odd Future members Syd Tha Kyd, (Sydney Loren Bennett), Matt Martians, Jameel Bruner, Patrick Paige and Christopher A. Smith. They’re from LA which explains why they’re so effortlessly cool. This soul music is perfect for Sunday morning baking.
Fun Fact: They believe in giving away music for free, saying “There’s really no point for us to sell music because I believe when you give people free music that they like, they’ll support you in other ways.”

Bonus: Unlocking the Truth

Who They Are: The hard rocking group just signed a $1.7 million dollar record deal with Sony. Pretty sweet deal for any group just starting out. Oh yeah, and did we mention they’re only in grade 8? After opening for Queens of the Stone Age, Motörhead and playing on the main stage at Coachella, these middle schoolers are poised to hit the music scene hard and prove they’re more than just a passing fad.
Fun fact: They met in daycare.

Listen to the full playlist here:

Win An Aviator Bomber Jacket

Friday, October 17, 2014


If you’ve been following our blog (if not you should start) you’ve already heard all about our new Fall/Holidays 2014 outerwear collection and the Aviator Bomber Jacket. But we’re not here to tell you all about the stylish jacket one more time, how warm the inner fleece hoodie is, nor how much we love the quilted sleeves. This post is all about #WINNING because we have one jacket to give away to a lucky winner!

Entering is easy. Find the daily Aviator Bomber Jacket tweet on the Garage Twitter and retweet to win! Contest ends on October 24, 2014 at noon ET.

Read the rules here. Shop the Aviator Bomber Jacket.

Aviator Bomber Jacket / Garage

6 Tips to Time Management aka How Not to Lose Your Mind

Friday, October 17, 2014


Midterms are coming up and you know what that means. You probably feel like this right now:


Don’t fret though. Our intern/student Kate has come to the rescue with some awesome time management tips for a successful school year, both inside and outside of class. And if you have your own tips to share, don’t be shy and leave her a comment below. We promise she’ll make the time to answer.

There has got to be a way to do school and not feel mad stressed all the time. I turned to the Gods of Google to see how I could reduce stress levels and still have fun in school. I found an excellent article suggesting to book something consistently every week so I had something to look forward to, such as getting ice cream at 7pm every Wednesday. The article explained that as school gets more and more busy, it would be a welcomed break. Perfect – that solves all of my problems.

JUST KIDDING. No offence random article from top 10 university, but there is more to life (whether you’re in school, college, or working) than looking forward to your 7pm ice cream break on Wednesdays. Let’s talk about managing your time and studying smartly so you can get your A’s and have fun all at the same time. Here are the BEST time management tips. Read More

Music Monday: Cover Songs Edition

Monday, October 13, 2014


It’s Monday and you know what that means. You wish you were still in bed.

And also… Music Monday! This week we are showing you awesome covers of songs you love by people you’re obsessed with (or are about to be obsessed with). Check out everything from your fave pop stars covering awesome classic songs to people you’ve never heard of but should totally know to 10-year-olds who are so awesome they will make you wonder what you’re doing with your life.

Taylor Swift covers Vance Joy’s Riptide.
Just a couple days ago, Taylor Swift put her own spin on this Vance Joy track on BBC Radio 1’s “Live Lounge” and the world’s collective hearts melted.

Lorde and Haim cover Sheryl Crow’s Strong Enough & You Oughta Know.
A dream come true. Two of our fave music superstars come together and rock these classic songs.

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